We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Existential Movement. The Existential Movement’s mission statement is “Bringing Wisdom to the World”.

If you have been wondering where you might be able to find a group of people who want to bring their knowledge and experience to a worldwide movement for a better way of life, you have just found it.

Existential ideas are a powerfully alternative way of looking at human existence. These ideas have been around for many millennia, in the Athenian philosophies, the Eastern philosophical traditions, and even, in a sense, in pagan philosophies. They became much more prominent in the 19th century with the writings of Soren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche and came to fruition with the work of Husserl, when he provided the method of phenomenology.

Most people have heard about existentialism, a mainly French 20th-century philosophical movement, that broke the mold of philosophy and made it about human existence,rather than about human knowledge.

Since then existential ideas have been applied vigorously to the practice of psychology and psychotherapy and a movement of existential therapy was generated over the past century, that is now extremely popular. All around the world existential therapists work in this way and every four years they come together for the World Congress of Existential Therapy.

However, it has now become vital to broaden the scope of the movement. As the world is in turmoil and going through extremely dangerous times, humanity seems to have lost track of the things that really matter. People have placed consumerism, profitability, and competition at the foreground of human existence and have stopped noticing how they are ruining the ecosystem of the planet as well as the emotional climate in which we all live.

We have already delivered our first two events together over the last few weeks and are excited to announce that we are now working on an upcoming conference titled “Into the Wild Woods: Existential Responses to Turbulent Times”.

Conference Description:

Join us for “Into the Wild Woods: Existential Responses to Turbulent Times”, where we will delve into the pressing issues of our time and explore existential approaches to address them. This conference will bring together thought leaders and practitioners to discuss and develop strategies for a more meaningful and sustainable way of living.