2022 International Coaching Supervision Conference

2022 International Coaching Supervision Conference Learning in a Global Community

Last updated 3 May 2024

2022 International Coaching Supervision Conference Learning in a Global Community


Alex Eunkyeong Yu

Alex is a certified coaching supervisor and faculty for Coaching Supervision School at a Seoul-based coaching firm. She enjoys reflective dialogue and collaborative enquiry with fellow coaches. In her view, supervision is both challenging and enjoyable as it aims to keep both parties at their learning edges.

Alex is representing a Finnish consulting firm in Korea, and prior, was a Senior Consultant at a consulting firm in Shanghai. She holds both a PhD and an MA in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University. She is the author of book chapters on executive coaching in Innovations in Leadership Coaching and Leadership
Coaching in China.

Alina Ionescu

With over 25 years of leadership experience, both in corporate environment and as an entrepreneur serving organizations, Alina specializes in development of leaders, seeking leadership excellence for themselves and creating an organizational environment that inspires creativity and growth. As Executive & Leadership Professional Coach and Supervisor, Alina passionately believes that both transformational coaching and supervision open the path for liberating human potential and inspire leaders to dare for more and to move with boldness and agility through their different leadership roles, generating a sustainable positive change, both in individual excellency and in organizational performance.

Dr. Louie Gardiner

PhD, MBA, BA (hons), FRSA, Author, Poet; Accredited Supervisor and Master Coach, Change-maker, facilitator, learning partner.

Louie is passionately involved in liberating human potential, drawing upon the natural processing dynamics of ‘Presence in Action’ and ‘Symmathesic Agency’ which pulse at the heart of all she does with individuals, groups and organisations.

These accessible approaches for catalysing personal and systemic change tap into diverse modes of exploration and expression that leverage all that makes us human. Deploying a fusion of poetic, visual, kinaesthetic, intellectual and performative modalities, Louie tickles out authentic human exchange, invoking those who engage to surface their personal and collective brilliance.

Louie’s work is grounded in her doctorate which epitomises the integration of deep personal and collective inquiry; emergent symmathesic professional practice; coherent philosophical and theoretical foundations, and a pioneering approach to academic research.

Her past roles include CEO, Board Trustee, Head of Corporate Performance & Development; visiting lecturer to undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

She has contributed articles to both academic and practice-based journals e.g. Human Arenas, Cybernetics and Human Knowing, e-O&P Journal, Coaching Today, the3rdi magazine, and Book Chapters in Coaching Supervision Groups: Resourcing Practitioners (2021); Coaching Supervision: Advancing Practice, Changing Landscapes (2019); and The Collaboratory (2015); poetry anthology Attending, Responding, Becoming: An anthology of surprises beyond intention or design (2021) see Louie’s website.

Dumi Magadlela

Dumi is an Executive Coach, Team Coach and Ubuntu Coach based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is currently a Director on the Global Board of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Dumi is Senior Faculty at The Coaching Centre (TCC) in South Africa where he teaches “Coaching in the African Context”. Dumi is also faculty at the University of Stellenbosch Business School’s MPhil in Management Coaching. Internationally, Dumi is faculty at the WBECS’ Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI). He is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) as a Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching.

Felicia Lauw

Felicia Lauw is from Singapore and works in equal partnership with people to co-create sustainable growth for our society through healthy, energising and honest dialogue. She sees herself as a thinking partner and facilitator via coaching supervision, executive coaching, and systemic team transition consulting and coaching. She has 30 years in business and organization transformation change experience and served clients from 35 countries. She brings together critical thinking from her Computer Science background and heartfelt relational and reflective competence by weaving Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Conversational IntelligenceTM, Leadership Embodiment and supervisory competence and capacity to effect behavioural and systemic change. Felicia is an EMCC EISA accredited Coach Supervisor, EIA Master Practitioner and an ICF PCC. She is a winner of 2020 EMCC Global Supervision Award.

Iuliana Rusei

Iuliana is an Executive Coach, a Coaching and Leadership Supervisor, focusing on leadership development and executive presence. Her purpose is to inspire people to lead with kindness, contribute to budling authentic, value-driven leadership. She has more than 10 years in top leadership positions, highly experienced in organizational transformation, change and transition management. On a more personal note, she loves travelling, exploring, always trying to discover new places, both in the world and inside ourselves. She is playful, joyful, sometimes with her head in the clouds, but also inclined towards self-reflection and committed to accompany people in their own growth.

Jo Birch

Jo Birch MA FRSA, Supervisor, executive coach and psychotherapist

Jo brings people together in global learning communities. As Director of Crucial Difference & International Centre for Reflective Practice, Jo leads an international team providing training for coaches to become supervisors and continue developing as leaders in the profession. She is an accredited supervisor, and an active participant in the professional community, previously Chair of BACP Coaching and board member of AoCS and EASC.

Jo is editor of Coaching Supervision Groups: Resourcing Practitioners (2022); co-editor of EMCC Mastery Series publication Coaching Supervision: Advancing Practice, Changing Landscapes (2019) and previously series editor of Thinking Global in Coaching Today.

Jo also runs an annual international conference on Coaching Supervision in multiple languages including English, Russian and Chinese.

Julia Menaul

Julia Menaul, has been running her own practice, Spark Coaching and Training, since 2001. Julia is an Accredited Master Executive Coach (Association for Coaching), a Member of the British Psychological Society, and an ex- Board Director for the Association of Coaching Supervisors. As a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, she was Training and Development Manager within areas as diverse as retail, charity, electronics, and the criminal justice system. Supervising coaches since 2006 and supervising other supervisors since 2010, she works with many independent coaches (1 -1 and group), as well as internal coaches in larger organisations. She is a published author and as well as her Bereavement book for coaches, she writes e-books for Book Boon. Her latest e-book is “The Coaches Guide to the Drama Triangle” and she is currently writing “Happiness at Work” for them.

Julia is based in the West Midlands, UK.

Liliana Urziceanu

Liliana is passionate about accompanying leaders to reach superior levels of performance and fulfilment. She started from a technical background, as an engineer, with analytical thinking and logic as a base, integrating then, new skills and learnings which brought her to leadership executive management roles. The pragmatism and result focus combined with reflection, empathy, compassion, working with edges are her ingredients of today. As an Executive Coach, Consultant, Mentor and Coach Supervisor she is offering her clients a space for growth, exploration and self- awareness enjoying the enrichment coming from the co-created journeys.

Maggie João

Maggie João has an international career of 25 years, being the first 10 years within the industry, focussed on Continuous Improvement and Process Improvement. Maggie brings to Coaching the pragmatism from Engineering which is highly appreciated by her clients. Maggie holds various coaching credentials (MCC, EIA SP, PMC). She is a certified coach supervisor since 2012 and has published 14 books about coaching in several languages. The fact that she has lived and worked in 12 countries, grants her a vast cultural experience, which distinguishes her in the Coaching world.

Marina Chernova

Business coach PCC ICF, group supervisor, supervisor in coaching and business, organizational psychologist, business-consultant

The way of becoming a supervisor is connected with a search and awareness of the authencity, unique style and personal way of promotion. The author shares the experience of finding personal “Ikigay” as a coach and supervisor. It is the experience of those points of stability, creativity, realization and wisdom, which provide congruence. The unique style is based on the practice of “feeling body presense” and “awareness in wanderness”, where the main instrument is awareness of the responses of the body.

Mongezi Makhalima

Mongezi is an organisation development specialist, organisational learning expert, author, TEDx speaker & executive coach with 30 years of working with organizations and leadership. He has recently been named as one of the Top 50 Leadership coaches in the world. He is currently the Chairperson of the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP), and is board director on several boards across different sectors. Mongezi serves as a faculty member in the Faculty of Commerce at the University of the Witwatersrand as well as the Wits Business School, teaching Masters and advanced programmes in leadership and coaching.

Paul Sanbar

An Ingenuity + Executive Coach, coaching supervisor and visual thinking facilitator, Paul Sanbar’s life and career has been dedicated to the field of self-development and to effecting positive change through purposeful play, storytelling, and powerful conversations initially as a psychotherapist and now as an ICF accredited coach and certified coaching supervisor [EMCC – ESIA pending]. A certified LEGO® Serious Play® methods coach and member of the MURAL Consultant Network, Paul supports his clients to think and reflect not only with words, but also with their eyes and hands, putting their imagination to work in both tactile and technological ways.

Shirley Smith

Shirley has extensive experience in cross-cultural work as a coach, mentor and supervisor of coaches and mentors. She often works with people who are working across cultures and might themselves be living in a different country from where they were born. Perhaps thinking in or speaking a language that is not their mother tongue. As a coach, supervisor and facilitator creative tools provide a gateway to a different way framing themes, discovering possibilities and expressing difficult emotions or dynamics when our constraint of language cannot readily or easily express what we are feeling or experiencing. From first-hand experience Shirley believes that imagery, art-based and embodied approaches can work both in-person and virtually. These are tools and skills that anybody can learn. Shirley has fine-tuned her skills in working with creative tools on a foundation of over 30 years in global human resource roles enabling both organisational and leadership development.

Svetlana Ushakova

Svetlana is a curious person and feels happy in personal life. In childhood she did a lot music, ballet and sports classes. Mostly she was interested in the world of energy: natural methods of production, different levels of energy, the role of energy in our lives. It happened often when Svetlana saw miracles and she always knew that there was a different world order than it was taught in school.She started to study physics in the republican physics-mathematical school, later in university. She participated in different experimental groups that made researches on anomalous phenomena. Nowadays Svetlana is continuing her researches in astrology, taro, game “transformation”, in the field of Reiki practice, regenerative way to observe any phenomena as a living system and understand what is the level of the energy where the call, reaction and ability to action comes from.