Terms Of Service

Onlinevents is an online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) library designed for helping professionals. Our platform enables members to access high-quality CPD resources from anywhere at an affordable cost. The purpose of these Terms of Service is to outline the rights and responsibilities of our members and ensure a safe, transparent, and fair environment for everyone involved. By using our platform, you agree to abide by these terms, which are in place to protect both our members and our services.

To access the features and benefits of Onlinevents, you must create an account on our platform. The process for creating an account involves providing your name, email address, and setting up a password. You may also be asked to provide additional information to personalise your experience or for billing purposes. 

When creating an account, you agree to provide accurate and complete information. It’s important that you maintain the security of your account, which includes keeping your password confidential. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your account, and you should notify us immediately of any unauthorised use or security breach. 

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account if we detect any suspicious activity or violations of our Terms of Service.

Access and Usage Terms
Individual access to Onlinevents CPD Library includes various learning materials and resources. The scope of the materials available depends on the specific access purchased, whether through a membership or by acquiring individual pieces of learning. Regardless of the type of learning, users will have access to these materials as long as their account remains active in the Onlinevents CPD Library.

Membership Terms  Access
Being a member of Onlinevents, either through a monthly or annual subscription, provides unlimited access to the full CPD Library. This membership allows users to explore a wide range of learning materials and resources without any additional restrictions, offering comprehensive access to the platform’s offerings.

Membership Types
Onlinevents offers two types of memberships: Annual and Monthly. Members can choose the option that best suits their needs when subscribing to our platform.

Membership Payment Terms
Members are billed according to their selected membership type. Payments are made using the account provided during membership creation. Billing occurs on an annual or monthly cycle, depending on the membership choice. We may occasionally offer trials or promotions, which will be subject to specific terms outlined at the time of the offer.

Membership Cancellation and Refund Policies
Members may cancel their memberships at any time. For Monthly memberships, cancellation will stop the next scheduled payment. For Annual memberships, cancellation will provide access until the next renewal date, at which point the membership will not be renewed.

Payment for Individual Learning
For individuals who wish to access specific learning materials, Onlinevents offers a one-time payment option. Payment for individual access can be made using major credit cards or other acceptable payment methods indicated during checkout. There are no recurring billing cycles for individual access, and fees are set based on the chosen content.

Individual access is generally non-refundable. However, we understand that exceptional circumstances may arise, and refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you seek a refund, please contact our support team at help@onlinevents.co.uk. Our team is dedicated to addressing your concerns and providing appropriate assistance.

Content Ownership and Licensing
The content in the video library on Onlinevents is owned by the presenters and Onlinevents. The use of this content is governed by the respective licensing agreements between the parties.

Acceptable Use
Acceptable use includes accessing and using the learning resources for personal or educational purposes. 

Users are strictly prohibited from recording or downloading any content from the platform to their personal devices, except where explicitly allowed. This policy ensures that the intellectual property of the presenters and Onlinevents is protected.

Privacy Policy
We value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. To understand how we collect, store, and use your data, please refer to our privacy policy here. The privacy policy provides detailed information on how we manage user data and your rights regarding your personal information.

Resolving Issues
At Onlinevents, we value our members and strive to provide the best experience possible. If you encounter any issues or have concerns that need to be addressed, we encourage you to reach out to us. The first step is to email us at help@onlinevents.co.uk. We are committed to resolving issues through open communication.

If a member terminates their membership, they will lose access to their learning materials, progress, and certificates. We advise members who intend to cancel their memberships to log into their accounts and download all certificates before termination. If a member did not manage to download their certificates before terminating their account, our support team is available to assist in retrieving those details.

If a member wishes to have their account completely removed from the Onlinevents CPD library, they should email help@onlinevents.co.uk and inform our support team that they specifically want all their details removed from the CPD library. We will ensure that their request is handled promptly and securely.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time. If changes are made, we will notify users by email, using the address provided when registering membership. By continuing to use the platform after being notified of any changes, users agree to the updated terms.

Contact Information
We have a dedicated support team ready to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Terms of Service. If you need assistance, please contact our team by emailing help@onlinevents.co.uk. We’re here to help you.