In this interactive workshop we will explore a summarized version of the winter literary classic ‘The Snow Queen’ by Hans Christian Anderson to discover the treasures it has to offer us. We will see how this resonates with us on a personal level and how the rich imagery could be used with clients. We will explore the story and the themes that come up using tools from the Story Arte creative toolbox. Gestalt therapy, art therapy, journaling and perhaps Psychodrama will accompany us on the voyage. We will walk in the footsteps of the main characters and consider how our lived life experiences can influence and change our relationships with others on our life path. We will explore the rich symbology of the story, especially references connected to snow and ice. We will briefly discuss the life history of Hans Christian Anderson, the author of the story. We will consider how this story can be applied to work creatively with clients. Stories have been with us since the very beginning of humanity when we gathered around the fire to listen to myths of creation to connect us with our inner selves, our clan and the universe. Stories have accompanied us through dark times, of war and plague and they are here to accompany us now, with their medicine, in this time of uncertainty.