Tamsin Brewis

The Children’s Alliance

Tamsin became a Water Babies franchisee in 2004 when she decided to give up the corporate world and run her own business to be present for her own children. Her interest in swimming led her to Water Babies where she became fascinated by child development and the importance of physical, mental and environmental influence could have from a very early age. This knowledge has been fundamental in helping her grow her highly successful swim school.

In early 2022 Tamsin took on role as a Director of the Children’s Alliance, a charity begun with passion by the late ECEO of Water Babies, Steve Franks. Tamsin is now working to shape this charity with the development of the local community projects, based around water and the promotion of the campaign for Children and Young People to be included in Government Policy from an early age resulting in “Better Starts, Bright Futures”.

Physical exercise, including play and sport are proven to help children address mental health issues….