Sylwia Korsak

Sylwia Korsak (she/her) is a liberation practitioner working with a wide range of approaches centred around the client’s safety, diversity, and agency. She is a qualified integrated counsellor and coach. She has training and over two decades of experience in education, coaching, digital marketing, social and charity work, online activism, business ethics, and digital wellbeing.

She grew up in Poland, studied in Hungary, and worked around the world before settling in the UK over a decade ago. She is a founder of VoxelHub.org, delivering consultancy, coaching, and counselling for digital wellbeing and liberation.

In the therapeutic setting, Sylwia has experience offering trauma, grief, anxiety and depression support. She offers talking, eco and virtual reality therapy. She supports young people and adults, the LGBTQIA+ community, neurodiverse clients and clients from various multicultural backgrounds. She offers counselling in her private practice while also supporting clients who have experienced sexual abuse through Kinergy Bristol.

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