Simon Roe

Simon Roe originally trained as a body psychotherapist with Nick Totton & Em Edmondson and has nearly 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and groups. For the last 25 years’ he has worked almost exclusively with men & teenage boys in a variety of settings including 1-1 psychotherapy, domestic violence work and Rites of Passage events. He is a Respect approved trainer & supervisor for domestic violence practitioners and is the director of Two Wolves Consultancy and Training. Simon has recently completed a foundation course in Process Oriented Psychology – an approach which increasingly informs his practice.Simon is a fully accredited member of the Association of Facilitators.

There’s a resurgent curiosity around men’s issues and a corresponding hunger for emergent men’s work….
In the midst of our relative comfort, the fabled horsemen of War, Famine, Pestilence and…