Sarah Edwards

Since creating her Tutoring and Coaching business Edwards tutoring, Sarah Edwards, former Probation Officer has inspired students and graduates to think critically about issues surrounding crime. Sarah helps future leaders in Forensic Psychology and Criminology improve their writing and improve their grades which ultimately will impact the decisions made in crime and society. Sarah’s unique approach to learning not only focuses on academic success but well-being and mental health. Sarah’s tutoring and coaching programmes empowers students to take a more balanced approach to life and success to contribute to higher resilience and less burn out.

Sarah shares insights into real world criminology and skills for maintaining good mental health as students and practitioners via social media and now has a following of over 17K across all platforms. Sarah is the author of Success On Probation: A Step By Step System To Reform Your Life And Release Yourself From Your Mental Jail. A practical book adopting to concepts of rehabilitation to develop the self-awareness and tools to live a balanced life.

Sarah is inspired to make a difference in the world. Sarah is interested in going outside the default of punishing people more for crimes and really interested in asking the questions about how we create a society where less crimes are happening. Where people have the resources they need, are healthier and being treated instead of punished. To create a society where we are investing in preventative measures that make society overall healthier which will reduce crime. Sarah is a member of the advisory board for social policy-making organisation ‘We are Telescope’ who work collaboratively with frontline workers and policy makers in public services in the Criminal Justice Sector to make better policy decisions.

In this workshop you will understand the reasons why we as criminal justice professionals who…