Rachael Klug

I completed my Masters in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in 2011 with a focus on working with Children and Young People. I work in Private Practice in an online setting with a range of ages, from children up to adults, many of whom are neurodiverse and am also a supervisor and trainer.

As an autistic person and as a therapist, I find I can explore neurodiversity with my clients in ways that support my neurodiverse client’s understanding of themselves.

I find that working online with neurodiverse clients can really enable my clients to express their authentic selves and find safety and understanding in the connection.

Many of my clients have a history of trauma and I provide trauma-informed support that ensures that the therapy is shaped to suit the individual client, going at a pace that is set by the client.

I have trained to provide trauma-informed mindfulness interventions, completing my training certification with the Sussex Mindfulness Centre, Sussex NHS Trust. This means I can explore various breathing practices or grounding resources that suit each individual client as needed in the therapy.

I am currently the Director on the Board for the professional body, The Association for Counselling and Therapy Online with responsibility for Children and Young People. I am responsible for establishing the ACTO network of Children and Young People therapists with Basi as we wish to ensure that the online work with our younger clients is to the best possible standards, whilst also sharing our ideas for creativity and safety online.

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