Peggy Natiello

I worked closely with Carl Rogers from 1978-1987 on many person-centered staffs. Dr. Rogers served as my major doctoral advisor and mentored my dissertation on the nature of learning that occurs in person-centered experiences. My doctoral and post-doctoral research and writing have addressed significant questions about the person-centered approach.

Known for my person-centered group work, I am an international consultant, serve on the graduate faculty at Prescott College, and have written many articles on client-centered therapy and the person-centered approach. My book, “The Person-Centred Approach: A passionate presence”, was written to clarify and demonstrate the importance of this often misunderstood and quite a radical approach to psychotherapy, counseling, education, and group work.

Peggy Natiello’s professional life has focused on Client-centred therapy and the Person-centred approach for 60…