Nomsa Wayland

Nomsa Wayland is a Professional Doctorate Counselling Psychology Trainee, qualified Integrative therapist, and part-time lecturer at the University of East London (UEL). She contributes her knowledge to the foundation Counselling Skills and the Intercultural Counselling Practice and Processes modules within the Humanitarian Intervention programme. She is passionate about addressing race and racism in therapy.

Nomsa has delivered lectures on race and culture while working to create a more inclusive therapeutic environment, demonstrating her commitment to fostering meaningful conversations and promoting positive change.

Her current research project, “Understanding Counselling Professionals’ Experiences of Working with Black Clients Presenting with Race-Based Traumatic Stress,” aims to contribute to a larger conversation about equality, diversity, and inclusion within the counselling psychology field and to improve education and the counselling process for minority clients. Nomsa’s research and dedication make her an asset to UEL and the counselling psychology field, as she advocates for cultural competence and social justice.

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