Nancy Hakim Dowek

Nancy is the course leader at NSPC for the DProf Programme. She is a lecturer and the doctoral programmes and provides clinical research supervision to both doctoral and masters students. She completed her doctoral degree in Existential Psychotherapy on ‘The lived experience of the bi-rooted migrant’.

Nancy’s research interests include: Identity, Migration, Belonging, Roots, uprooting, Bi-Rooted, Cosmopolitanism, Dualism in Self and Identity, Life Crisis and Life Transitions, Existential and Human Issues and Limited Situations.


Hakim Dowek, N. (2019). The Existential Journey of the Bi-Rooted Migrant. Self & Society, An international Journal for Humanistic Psychology, vol.47, No1 Spring 2019, pp140 -145
Hakim Dowek, N. (2020). The Bi-Rooted Migrant – an Existential Journey, chapter 14 in Re-visioning Existential Psychotherapy. Ed Manu Bazzano. London: Routledge

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