Kathy Leach

Kathy qualified as a psychotherapist at Metanoia with an MSc at Middlesex University. Her first career was in the probation service in London and when she started her family she trained with the British Slimnastics Association becoming a teacher in Adult Education. She taught fitness and rehabilitative exercise, healthy eating, weight “control”, stress management and relaxation and became a trainer and exam moderator for the Association. She found it intriguing that some class members lost weight and maintained the loss, some lost but then regained the weight and some didn’t lose any. When her children were older, she started training as a psychotherapist and made it her aim to research the psychology behind weight and eating. Her first book “The Overweight Patient” sold across the world and was translated into several languages. She has now written a second book to be published by Routledge later in the year: “The Overweight Mind and Body.” She has also developed an App alongside a wonderful team of IT techies which should be out soon. It is called “Myfoodspace”. It is designed to help those who eat impulsively or compulsively and use food in a bid to resolve psychological issues.

This workshop will be presented by the well known Author and UKCP Registered Psychotherapist Kathy…