Emmy Manson

Emmy Manson is a proud Snuneymuxw member dedicated to developing strong leadership and opportunities to live their best life. As an elected Council woman for her Nation Emmy has been a champion of addressing trauma and finding pathways to bring love and joy to her community.
Emmy brings a wealth of experience in serving the needs of families and developing open and a bridge to building relationships for the betterment of the world.
Emmy’s career has been lifetime of service in the Mental Health and Wellness field provide and has Board experience with VIU and with the Homelessness work in the city of Nanaimo. As a woman who is now a grandmother sees her work as doing her own healing work to not pass on her pain and trauma to her children. She strives daily to make our ancestors proud of all the work they did before us to ensure she got to be alive and that we are still thriving today.
Emmy became connected to Roots to Thrive as a participant and was able to experience first-hand the healing that is possible within community.

Emmy is now a strong advocate of how Indigenous people can benefit from healing their trauma by utilizing different modalities such as psychedelic assisted therapy within a community of practice setting.

Emmy is grateful to have the opportunity to share her knowledge and lived experience.

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