Emily Haslam-Jones

Emily is an expert in the field of embodied trauma processing, creating safety and emotional self-regulation through yoga, breath and movement. An internationally trained yoga teacher since 2007 and establishing Yoganova, Emily has worked with diverse populations, within, schools, charities the public sector and private practice. She later widened her experience becoming parent, children & young peoples’ therapist, CAMHS Specialist, self-regulation therapist, trainer and professional speaker, founding the companyFreedom In Me. She honed her knowledge of harnessing blended polyvagal states through lived experience, practicing yoga during her years working in a war zone as a humanitarian worker for the International Red Cross and UN. She draws from a wide range of practices from yin & restorative to high energy kundalini inspired movement, presented in simple and accessible ways, whilst working to increase the evidence-base and profile of yoga as a tool for trauma through publishing research, working with parents, children and teachers on co-regulation and connection to create Trauma Informed Schools. She advocates practice that releases the practitioner from attempting to hold still, which has great application for ADHD, trauma, emotional dis-regulation and wherever these overlap. She works with both adults and children, has delivered training to teachers, yogis, public sector workers and therapists, debunking the mystification of yoga practice and promoting simple fun tools that simply help people feel better. Whilst theoretically grounded in polyvagal principles, her work is essentially experiential – so come along and join the fun way to access the power and the freedom inside everyone of us.

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