Dr Chloe Farahar

Dr Chloe Farahar (she/they – Autistic): Late-diagnosed, perpetually, enduringly, eternally, weird, odd, standoffish, but also beautifully, irredeemably Autistic. Chloe is an Autistic academic whose research interests revolve around her Autistic specialisations and dedicated interests (not “special interests”), and they are currently on an Oxford-led project as a research associate, looking at ACEs, mental health, and innate neurodivergence.

Chloe’s specialisations include: supporting Autistic people with their co-founded Autistic Discovery Journey programme; reimagining the spectrum as a three dimension Autistic space; creating neurodivergent-inclusive environments; and educating both Autistic and non-autistic learners about Autistic experience in their training courses and on the free educative platform, Aucademy, with fellow Autistic people.

This conference is a collaboration between the Existential Academy and OE, our hope is to…