Chris Oxborrow

I have lived all my life assuming I was a ‘broken neurotypical’, only to discover I was just mostly disabled by a world not set up for me and expectations not suited to my strengths. My work as a neurodivergent therapist is now evolving but currently my focus is on helping high-achieving individuals to discover their true selves, meet their needs more compassionately, and move towards deeper self-acceptance. My clients come to me with issues such as work-life balance, high expectations, and burnout. We explore topics like identity, life management, and work and family demands, all with a focus on well-being, self-knowing, and moving towards an authentic future.

It was after my daughter was diagnosed as ND that I realised I was too. At 50 years old, I began the journey of coming home to myself. I firmly believe in the validity of self-realisation and reject the idea that neurodivergent individuals are “disordered.”

My interest lies in late identification and the journey of unmasking and ND affirmation. This recognition of my own neurodivergence has led to an increase in neurodivergent clients seeking my services, and I am passionate about advocating for our community within a society that does not always cater to our needs. I have recently presented on neurodivergence in medicine and started running support groups for individuals who want to identify more authentically and affirmingly with their neurodivergence.

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