Celena Lewis

My name is Celena Lewis I was born and grew up in Cardiff, South Wales. I describe myself as Human, Black, Female, of Kittitian (from the Island of St Kitts in the East Caribbean) heritage. I became a singer and had my first professional engagement at 13 and first recording contract at age 14. I went to a Stage School in London and appeared in Musicals, Television shows & Tours over a 21- year period of my life.

I am a Narrative Therapist, Zumba Instructor, an Experimental and Experiential Writer. I have been a therapist for 21 years and have used writing to express myself and have encouraged, where appropriate, clients to do the same. The theory that comes close to describing how I write would be Autoethnographic, poetic (at times), performative (at times) & heartfelt (most of the time).

The process of writing is about speaking straight from the heart as and when the need arises – a meaning making effort. I write of my lived experience about Loss, Family Dynamics, Illness, Inter-racial relationship/s, survivor guilt, sexual trauma and associated emotional turmoil with attempts to give all aspects of self a voice.

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