Carol Wolter-Gustafson

Carol Wolter-Gustafson received her Doctorate from Boston University’s Department of Humanistic and Behavioral studies. She taught graduate courses in client-centered theory and practice, philosophical foundations of education, and human development.

Her work in the Person Centered Approach is focused on the theory and practice of using its inherent power to help us cultivate pathways away from the divisive us/them thinking and rhetoric that are personally and systemically destructive and traumatic, and towards facilitating more inclusive perspectives and practices necessary for constructive personal and social change.

She has advanced these themes at International PCA Conferences and Forums, at invited lectures, at University programs in Mexico, the UK, and Brazil, and in journal articles and chapters published by PCCS Books, Springer, and Sage. Since 2011, she has co-facilitated Going Global workshops in the UK, Italy, the USA, and online. She maintains a psychotherapy practice in Boston.

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