Carla Boulton

Hi, I’m Carla Boulton, a Counsellor and Coach. I love working with people of all ages and hearing their life-stories, helping them feel more comfortable with their lives.

For almost 30-years, I worked as a designer and artist – my happiest moments were when I collaborated with clients who were struggling to get a project off the ground. I saw I could guide and support them, which led me to begin coaching and counselling training in 2012.

During my training, I realised that my processes and ways of working were different from my classmates. I felt disorganised and overwhelmed by the environment. In my final year, I had amazing support from a tutor who helped me understand my neurodiversity. This led to a lot of exploration, an assessment and understanding that many blocks in my life were due to AD(D). I believe I’m different, not disordered, and have evolved systems that allow me to accept myself, work, and be in society.

I often work with neurodivergent people and offer a safe space to explore without needing to justify themselves. I will discuss how acceptance of ourselves and our systems is crucial and how painful it is to have others’ systems imposed on us, causing frustration, shame, and hurt. We are different, not broken, and our way is not wrong, but rather, it suits us and allows us to accept ourselves and be part of society.

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