Alexis Brink

Alexis Brink, LMT, is the author of “The Art of Jin Shin” and “Healing at Your Fingertips,” published by Simon & Schuster and translated into 6 languages. She is the Director of Jin Shin Institute and has held a private practice in NYC since 1991. She has taught the Art of Jin Shin in hospitals to medical professionals, in the New York Public School system, and for wellness organizations and different communities around the world. Alexis has written two textbooks on how to become a Jin Shin practitioner. Jin Shin Institute, under Alexis’s guidance, is offering a comprehensive curriculum to a new generation of practitioners and teachers. She is a Transactional Analysis Practitioner (TAP) of USATAA.

Alexis will lay the foundation for understanding the relationship between Energy Medicine and Transactional Analysis….
The Art of Jin Shin is a simple and effective Japanese energy healing modality, similar…