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Jun 7

Onlin Events Meeting Room 2

Date and time

June 7

About this event

From Cis-gender, Transgender to Non-binary Del will exam the gender spectrum today. What does it mean to identify as Trans or non-binary? What are the issues faced by people in the Trans community in accessing services. Del will offer an overview of terminology and, pronouns as well as examining the mental health implications and barriers to accessing support. Del will also look at the impact of transphobia in a gender critical environment which has brought politicians, celebrities and academics offering conflicting views. How can we ensure that the voices of all gender identities are heard?

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • To offer a welcoming service to people of all gender identities and receptive to their specific needs
  • To be more aware of the impact of transphobia
  • To better understand the gender spectrum and what different identities might mean to the individual

Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

  • Counsellors, therapists and other practitioners who want to engage with this client group

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • By being better informed about Trans people you will be better able to market yourself as trans friendly service


This workshop will be recorded and you can use the ticket function to pre-purchase the recording before the event. This will be useful for colleagues who are not able to attend the event live and also for those who attend the event live and want to watch it again.


This workshop will be hosted on the Zoom meeting platform where we will use our cameras and microphones to interact with each other as a group.


The self-select fee is a radical inclusion policy to open learning for all colleagues. The guide price for this event is £20.00, however, we appreciate that income varies greatly in different locations and circumstances. Please contribute what you can to help us maintain inclusive professional training.