Your Power in Parenting Workshop with Andrea Rippon

A parent is the first ‘leader’ a child encounters; and our duty is to lead...

Last updated 3 June 2024

A parent is the first ‘leader’ a child encounters; and our duty is to lead them in a way that they follow us. Like any leader, we have a lot of power.

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Your Power in Parenting workshop with Andrea Rippon


Andrea Rippon

Andrea Rippon is a Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Owner/Director of Stronger Relationships Ltd. She has over 20 years’ experience training adults in Relationship Skills and Emotional Intelligence; and she’s spent the last five years focussing on Parents, Families and Young People. She is a qualified Parent and Youth Educator (PET/YET, California), a Licensed Practitioner in NLP and an Appreciative Inquiry Coach. Her background is at the University of East Anglia, where she was Course Director of the Person Centred Counselling Skills programme for 10 years. She still teaches Counselling Skills privately and as a Tutor on the Norwich Centre Certificate in Counselling Skills programme. She is a Mum to two children, one of whom has just been diagnosed with Autism. Since 2000 she’s been successfully self-employed, working with individuals and organisations to help them build stronger relationships at home, work and school.