Yoga for Every Body Workshop with Lee Bloomfield 18th June 2024

Why yoga? There is a lot of empirical research and evidence that yoga is beneficial...

Last updated 20 June 2024

Why yoga?

There is a lot of empirical research and evidence that yoga is beneficial to overall metal and physical health and wellbeing. Yoga can be helpful in terms of managing mental health issues such as relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Chronic stress can negatively impact the immune system, and yoga can help to redress this balance.

Many of my clients work at a desk, or sit in a chair for long periods throughout the day, and my work and objective is to help everyone to better manage these physical stressors, to better understand the link between mental and physical health, and to help individuals to develop their own tool bag of strategies to combat stress, anxiety and improve mental and physical health.

If you are completely new to yoga you might find the thought of group classes at a studio a little overwhelming, so this session will allow you to ease into yoga in a safer manner in the privacy of your own home.

More experienced? This workshop will help you build upon your individual practice and give you space to focus on your alignment and experience some new and interesting sequences.

Moving with the breath, we start with a rejuvenating warm up to loosen muscles and joints and calm the mind. Then, we’ll flow into some poses to strengthen and stretch out the whole body. You’ll be guided through some balances to help you focus, and core strengthening poses will work to improve your posture. Every session finishes with a Savasana to ensure you fully relax and find some stillness of mind.​


Lee Bloomfield

I understand, first hand, that stress is now one of the biggest wellbeing issues counsellors and psychotherapists need to face. While the therapists are taking care of their clients, who is taking care of therapists? In fact, it was my reflection on my 20 year career as a manager in further education that led me to train as a yoga teacher and sound therapist to enable me to focus both on my own health and well-being and, most importantly, to share all the benefits of my practice with those I now work with.

I have also been married to a Senior Accredited Counsellor for 30 years and have witnessed how the management of an ever demanding and changing client case load requires careful self-care. With this experience in mind, I understand the difficulties and demands that counsellors and psychotherapists are facing every day, and can, therefore, provide a wellbeing programme through sound therapy specifically tailored so participants can really benefit from what I can offer.

I am a trained musician and a qualified teacher (PGCE, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing); I have been teaching Music and Music Production to people of all ages for the past 20 years in the Further Education sector.

More recently, I have been exploring how I can use my passion for music, meditation, yoga and music production to connect with others and to enhance their wellbeing and health. I am now dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of others using yoga and therapeutic sound and music.

During my sound baths, I work with gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drum and therapeutic percussion as well as guided self-reflection and mindfulness. I am also able to provide workshops and treatments using vocal techniques to improve the health and wellbeing of others using the power of the voice, thereby combining therapeutic sound and voice-work with self-reflection, mindfulness and self-awareness.