Working with the “I don’t know client” Workshop with Stefan Charidge

Workshop Details  This webinar will focus on the “I don’t Know”, client and offer tools...

Last updated 3 May 2024

Workshop Details 

This webinar will focus on the “I don’t Know”, client and offer tools and interventions that can help.

This webinar will be for all but, of particular interest to new counsellors and trainees, who experience fear and anger, whilst a client is constantly stuck, with an “I don’t know” statement.

Learn how you can support a client in exploring what might need to change. The “I don’t Know” client fears speaking their truth and regresses to a safe space and old coping strategies (creative adjustment, in gestalt terms).

Bring your own or clients stuck-ness and see how this is a cognitive/fear based dynamic.

Your stuck-ness, with such clients can be refer to a projective identification.

If something bubbles up for you within any of Stefan’s webinars, that you may wish to explore further, on a one to one bases, you can contact Stefan via charidge@gmail.com and arrange a one off session.

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • You will have additional tools and intervening to help with such, fear based clients.
  • That there is a want for change but the client is unable to speak it.
  • Support greater intimacy (in to me see) within the work.

Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

  • All but in particular those in training and just starting out.

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • This will offer more tools and options to overcome a stuckness within the sessions.

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Working with the "I don't know client" Workshop with Stefan Charidge
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Stefan Charidge

Stefan Charidge aka ‘The Metaphor Man’  . Stefan is an internationally recognised facilitator and trainer and has been in private practice for over twenty years. Delivering trainings on various topics including Anger Management, Gestalt Therapy, Archetypes and Psychodrama, within many environments and online. He is an accredited psychotherapist and counselling and qualified supervisor, with a unique blend of Gestalt and Jungian therapy.

I am available for individual work, groups and Supervision (Ind or Group) as well as live workshops.

If you have an organisation that would be interested in a full day/weekend workshop, on one topic or another. Do get in touch.