An Introduction to Walking Therapy Workshop with Carmen Rendell

Walking Therapist Carmen Rendell will take you on a live walking therapy session to immerse...

Last updated 11 July 2024

Walking Therapist Carmen Rendell will take you on a live walking therapy session to immerse you in the world of using nature and walking for a therapeutic practice with clients.

This workshop will ask you to step in to nature for 1 hour so you will be ‘in the nature room’ with Carmen, as she conducts the process to show you common themes, the beauty of working in nature, and the pro’s and con’s of working with clients in this way.

You will leave with tools, techniques, and models to help you get started on your walking therapy journey.

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

An Introduction into the benefits of walking therapy
Tools from nature to support your therapeutic practice
Confidence to take clients in to nature for their therapy session

Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

Those who keen to try outdoor therapy and in particular walking therapy with their clients. Supervisors who would like to understand ways of using nature for self understanding.

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

Give breadth and depth with new natural techniques to support clients from wildness, diversity, unpredictability, existentialism.

PLEASE NOTE: In attending this workshop, we will ask you to be outside in nature. This might be on the beach, in a wood, a park, but somewhere you feel safe to be for 2 hours and not get wet or too cold.

Please consider appropriate footwear and clothing. Carmen may ask you to pick up things from the floor, or ask you to sit somewhere.

Be aware that you will need reception to dial in to the workshop, so you may want to test a space out before the day.

Course Content

Walking Therapy: Live Interactive Outdoor Workshop with Carmen Rendell


Carmen Rendell

Carmen Rendell moved from 20 years of Corporate Communication roles of understanding humans from the outside in, to walking therapy to use nature to help self understanding.

She founded Soulhub in 2015, a wellbeing business that looks to bridge worlds and asks us to look at health from an integrated standing. She’s passionate about self understanding and getting to the core of who we are, to change how we show up in the world.

Walking therapy, or Soulwalking as she likes to call it enables us to connect to nature and ourselves in a new way. Working this way with clients for 6 years Carmen has got to understand the common themes that nature helps us understand, from diversity, wildness and unpredictability which underpins much of the pain and suffering in this world.

She will help you navigate some of the considerations to setting yourself up, but also provide ideas and tools to help you use nature with your clients.

She believes nature heals us all as we are intrinsic and connected, and so working within this space has supported many clients through change, grief, depression, anxiety, addiction and chronic conditions.