Using Projective Cards for Effective Therapy Workshop with Vassia Sarantopoulou

Have you experienced any of these? “I have difficulty reading my client.” “My client is...

Last updated 11 June 2024

Have you experienced any of these?

  • “I have difficulty reading my client.”
  • “My client is struggling with expressing what he feels and I want to help him without making him feel intimidated or pressured.”
  • “I know that there is a wealth of feelings and emotions inside my client’s psyche, but the only thing I get is one-word answers or some shoulder-shrugging. What else to do?”

If so, you are not alone

As therapists we can sometimes feel stuck, hopeless, and/or confused in the sessions with a client without knowing how to move deeper into their feelings.

Lack of trust, trauma, avoidance, limited emotional awareness, are some of the possible reasons for this resistance from the client’s side, and they have all the valid reasons to do so.

Sometimes we might try methods that push the client to close off even more, or we may give up, and sooner or later therapy finishes without completing the transformational work that would have been useful for the client.

Many psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches from all over the world are adding the projective cards to their therapeutic toolbox and finding them really useful.

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Using Projective Cards for Effective Therapy Workshop with Vassia Sarantopoulou


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Vassia Sarantopoulou

Vassia Sarantopoulou is the Founder, CEO and Head Psychologist of AntiLoneliness, a company offering mental health services in The Netherlands and also worldwide. She is also a Mental Health Educator, a Perfectionism Expert and a Relationship Counselor, promoting Inner Peace, Mental Strength and Healthy Relationships with others and with our Self.

Through AntiLoneliness and her team of psychologists, she offers individual, couples or groups sessions to those who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, burnout, loneliness, relationship issues, transition/change, expat life. She is trained in (Group) Schema Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy, among other approaches (CBT, ACT, CFT), and she is a member of NIP (Dutch Institute for Psychologists), ICEEFT (International Center of Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy) and ISST (International Society of Schema Therapy).

She is an advocate of a life without mental health stigma, with an abundance of kindness and with an undying openness to self-awareness and self-growth, and that’s what she promotes through her services and online courses, and also through her collaboration with universities, companies, and organizations.