Sound of the Soul: Music Therapy and the Practice of Attunement

This month we welcome Ruth Saphir as our guest, who as a professional musician, songwriter,...

Last updated 13 June 2024

This month we welcome Ruth Saphir as our guest, who as a professional musician, songwriter, and seasoned music therapist, has delved deeply into the healing qualities of her art form. We all know what a favourite song can evoke, the way it resonates in our hearts and touches our souls. Like the tradition of the Aboriginal songlines, which provide inherited guidance for travellers to reach their destinations, Ruth helps clients hear the harmonies within and then attune to outer circumstances accordingly. We will explore how her own psychospiritual sensitivity to music is transmitted for the therapeutic benefit of others.

“I listen deeply to the inner ear located above my navel, located at my heart centre, located as a shell around my torso – so many unseen ways of listening. I delve into that navel ear, the big elephant ear, large enough to receive words and melodies. Notes and lyrics sparkle like the stillness of a clear lake. The river flows in me. The music is me.” ~ Ruth Saphir


Cedric Speyer

Cedric M. Speyer, M.A., M.Ed., RP, is an author, Registered Psychotherapist, and presently a mentor to coaches, counsellors, and therapists. He pioneered E-counselling in Canada, overseeing 100K online cases before establishing InnerView Guidance International (IGI). The vision of IGI brings together the historically separate domains of mental health and spiritual awareness in a new synthesis for the helping professions.

DeeAnna Merz Nagel

DeeAnna Merz Nagel, D.Th., LPC, LMHC, BCC, is a licensed psychotherapist and board-certified coach. DeeAnna teaches the ethical integration of alternative and psychospiritual approaches for coaches and therapists. She holds several certifications in the healing arts including Reiki and aromatherapy. DeeAnna’s doctoral studies focused on multifaith spiritual direction.

Ruth Saphir Schwarcz

Ruth Saphir Schwarcz is a music therapist and sound healer, who has addressed the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual challenges of adults and youths for over 25 years. Ruth has worked in hospitals and schools in support of resilience, flexibility, and the creative spirit. By drawing on her musical expertise and therapeutic experience, Ruth facilitates innovative and transformative workshops for teachers, therapists, and musicians in the public and private sectors.

Soul Portals Podcast - Exploring Psychospiritual Horizons

In this podcast series, Cedric Speyer and DeeAnna Nagel engage in conversations with psychospiritual trailblazers, amplifying their voices of wisdom and exploring their unique perspectives on human wholeness. Through their sacred journeys and professional endeavors, these individuals are ‘portals’ through which we see wider vistas of the soul journey. While their names might not grace network news or mainstream podcasts, their insights introduce invaluable aspects of ‘soul work’.