Relaxation: The Palace Of Dreams Workshop with Jenny Hartill

Welcome to another session of relaxation in our regular workshops! In the Palace of Dreams...

Last updated 11 May 2024

Welcome to another session of relaxation in our regular workshops!

In the Palace of Dreams you will harness the power of your mind to create, and help realise, your personal and professional dreams. Your palace is your place of creativity that fuels your inner ambitions and aspirations, but it’s also the place that helps you to tap into your inner sanctum of calm and self belief so that you can imagine and realise the life you really want and deserve! Release all of your doubts and worries, stresses and anxieties, and uncover what you’re truly capable of in this powerful but safe, magical place where you find your inner strength; your Palace of Dreams.

Working within the field of therapy can be very stressful and this is your opportunity to indulge in some self care, take a load off, and allow yourself to relax. In these powerful hypnosis relaxation sessions you will let go of all of your stresses and strains of regular life. You will go on a relaxing adventure, a different one each time, and find yourself anywhere from a magical forest where your anxieties disappear into the ether, to a warm beach where the waves wash away your stress, to floating amongst the clouds that absorb any negativity you feel is holding you down. These relaxation sessions will also include suggestions about raising confidence and feeling positive within our roles as well as general relaxation. All of the sessions are creatively written to ensure you have the best and most enjoyable experience possible!


Jenny Hartill

Jenny is an experienced therapist and therapy business owner who has worked in the private practice industry for over ten years. Jenny suffered with anxiety disorders herself and, after having a lot of therapy and doing loads of research, personal development and specialising in treating clients with anxiety disorders, she has a plethora of knowledge and experience that she now passes on to fellow therapists.

Her experiences of anxiety, both from a personal and professional angle, have led to her having a unique perspective on how anxiety disorders should be approached and how we, as therapists, can help clients. Over the past few years, Jenny has produced many courses, all of which have one thing in common: they all link to anxiety in some way. She believes that the key to helping people overcome anxiety disorders lies within the client, and our job as therapists is to help the client to unlock their own answers to overcoming anxiety and unleashing their potential.

Jenny owns her own busy award-winning private practice, seeing 10-15 clients typically per week. All of her clients suffer with some form of anxiety, whether that be typical anxiety disorders (health anxiety, generalised anxiety, panic disorder, etc), or they suffer from another disorder that involves a high level of anxiety (OCD, BPD, eating disorders, etc).

Jenny also owns the multiple award-winning room rental and referral service Chelmsford Therapy Rooms. The business offers room rental services on an ad hoc basis to talking therapists with the added option of coaching. They also offer a referral service to clients seeking private therapy for mental health issues, matching the client with the right therapist who can help them. All therapists are fully vetted before joining Chelmsford Therapy Rooms as a member.

Finally, Jenny owns CTRN Training, a company specialising in producing and delivering CPD courses for fellow therapists. She produces and delivers bespoke courses for organisations, as well as delivering courses generally throughout the year via Zoom to any therapists who wish to attend. Her courses include: Anxiety, OCD, Narcissism, Imposter Syndrome and Cyberbullying.