Practical Steps to Setting Boundaries and Meeting Your Needs Part 1 Book Reading with Karin Brauner

Workshop Details  Do you struggle to set boundaries that make you feel safe in your...

Last updated 3 May 2024

Workshop Details 

Do you struggle to set boundaries that make you feel safe in your life and relationships? Are you used to meeting everyone’s needs and forgetting about your own?


Do you work with clients that struggle with these things?

This workshop will provide practical tools for therapists to use in their own lives, or to help their clients with in their own therapeutic journeys.

Karin will be reading from her book and offering space for practical applications through breakout rooms (you have an option to stay in the main room too) and whole group conversations.

Karin believes that at the core of many of life issues that we contend with on a daily basis – and sometimes become overwhelming, leading us to seek for professional support (counselling, coaching, etc)., are boundary issues. Through her 18+ years of clinical experience, as well as her personal journey, Karin has noticed a thread in the issues that clients bring, and what helps them alleviate the pain their experiencing.

Learning how to set clear boundaries and meet our needs is that thread.

Each Workshop, Karin will read from one or two chapters of her book, covering the following topics:

  • Change your mindset about what it means to put your needs first before saying yes to others
  • Plan ahead when your boundaries are challenged, being assertive and following through
  • Practice setting physical boundaries
  • Practice setting emotional boundaries
  • Learn what you can do on your own and with others is very different and both have great value
  • stop doing and start being
  • develop your assertiveness
  • Learn how to listen to yourself better and finding clarity in the quietness and solitude
  • Learn how to reframe the negative and replace with kindness
  • Recognise the need for additional support – individual therapy, support groups, reading, mentoring, etc.
  • Learn how to get out of the trap of comparing yourself to others
  • Learn how to reframe your expectations
  • Explore the importance of sitting with difficult feelings, thoughts, situations
  • Explore the benefits of being in nature, exercising and having a good sleep routine
  • Figure out what to do with toxic people in your life

This workshop session will cover:

Chapter 1 – put your needs first before saying yes to others

Chapter 2 – succeed when tested: plan ahead

(Note: You don’t need to have attended a previous one to join a later one as Karin’s book is written in a way that you can jump around chapters as needed).

To find out more about the books this workshop is based on, you can visit https://www.amazon.com/Karin-Brauner/e/B07FDDZLLT and physical bookshops like Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, and more.

Additional Resources: https://karinbrauneronline.co.uk/triplelaunchpdf/

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • Changing your mindset about setting boundaries and meeting your needs
  • become comfortable and confident in the topics we will discuss each time
  • practice setting boundaries and meeting your needs in a safe space

Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

  • Colleagues that are looking to enhance their work with these skills, or are looking to improve these in their personal lives.

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • They will have more practical tools to help their clients, from tried and tested interventions that Karin has used in her own practice for years.

Course Content

Practical Steps to Setting Boundaries and Meeting Your Needs Part 1 Book Reading with Karin Brauner


Karin Brauner

Karin Brauner is a twice published author, a bilingual coach/counsellor/psychotherapist, as well as a supervisor in private practice. She trained in Guatemala and in Brighton, England. Karin has always been interested in many areas, which focus on her training as a therapist, but also her passion for writing and IT. These have led her to have a variety of services and product offerings, which she keeps adding to. These include social media marketing and content creation, as well as website support, tutoring, academic support, and other areas.

Karin is passionate about everything she does, and she enjoys seeing her colleagues and clients thrive in their work and lives. This is why she’s offering these workshops (and other courses to come in the near future). She enjoys supporting people be the best they can be, meeting them right where they are, and together figuring out what the best way forward is.

Marketing on social media became a focus of Karin’s back in 2017, when she started blogging. This propelled her practice into moving from 2-4 clients, to a full client list, followed by supervisees and now coaching clients as well. This means she can now offer the learning she’s done in the past few years, to practitioners starting their practices or thinking of growing their practices but needing the practical support to do so.

That’s what Karin offers – practical support to get you on the right track to building a successful business (whatever that means to each one of us individually).