Mindful Awareness Approach for Autistic & Neurodivergent Client Interaction Workshop with Jonny Drury

A mindful-awareness model should be a core element of any client-helper interactions, not just as...

Last updated 1 July 2024

A mindful-awareness model should be a core element of any client-helper interactions, not just as an add-on. This workshop is an introduction to Mindfulness for Autism (M4A), a core component of the Autism Dialogue Approach®. It addresses some of the most prominent concerns in autism and cross-neurotype dialogic interactions using specially adapted Mindfulness approaches, including: cross-neurotype empathy and power, alternative and augmented communication, sensory sensitivities, complex trauma, vagal healing, self-care and compassion, masking and autistic/ADHD empowerment. Many of these concerns have universal relevance and importance in all counselling, therapy, coaching and other helping relationships.

Scientific findings will be presented in digestible form, supporting several interventions and practices for autistic people of all ages, from ‘eclectic mantras’ for children, to contextualised heightened states of consciousness (typically seen as a liability in autistic adults due to environmental and complex trauma factors).

M4A draws on recent data in this fast-moving field. It is a strengths-focused approach that counteracts the negative sensory impact of the world, reducing stress, isolation, fragmentation and negative cycles, helping highly sensitive people to live a more self-aware, empowered and fulfilling life. Also suitable for anxiety, SPD and similar problems. There are live demonstrations and opportunities for dialogue and questions.

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • Gain sound knowledge of the M4A Approach, its supporting science and benefits of its application with most neurodivergent clients.
  • Greatly increase support for autistic, neurodivergent and highly sensitive clients and their families by fine tuning client interactions.
  • Integrate new awareness techniques into your practice and life and share with clients, colleagues and family.

Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

  • Therapists, counsellors, coaches and anyone working relationally who are, or want to be, neurodivergent-aware.

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • M4A will equip professionals with a new and powerful core tool to meet the needs of today’s growing Autistic/ND/HSP client base.

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Mindfulness for Autism and Highly Sensitive Clients Workshop with Jonny Drury


Jonny Drury

Jonny is an informal researcher, coach and dialogue facilitator, influenced by a life of Eastern and Western disciplines including in contemporary fine arts, dialogue and spiritual practice. After a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome he trained in Coaching and Autism studies, then formulated the Autism Dialogue Approach® and Mindfulness for Autism (M4A).

Dialogic Action CIC was founded by a team of autistic people, academics, philosophers, coaches and third-sector experts, who believe generative dialogue is a framework for moving beyond individual consciousness into an emergent wholeness, and the key to a more harmonious existence.