Mentalization to Enhance Your Client Work Workshop with Dr. Elvin Aydin Keles

Workshop Details  The roots of mentalization are in psychoanalytic practice and over the years this...

Last updated 27 May 2024

Workshop Details 

The roots of mentalization are in psychoanalytic practice and over the years this has developed into more modern dimensions evolving into a distinctive research tool and effective approach to counselling and psychotherapy. In this webinar we will visit the roots of mentalization to put it into context and then consider how you can use this approach to enhance your own work and effectiveness in the therapy room.

We will be looking at:

  1. Operationalizing Mentalization through Reflective Functioning (RF): Grasp the practical aspects of mentalization through the Reflective Functioning Scale, a tool developed by Fonagy and colleagues for interpreting one’s own and others’ behaviour in terms of underlying mental states.
  2. Application in Clinical Settings: Explore the application of mentalization in clinical contexts, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Learn how mentalization contributes to affect regulation, impulse control, and the overall organization of the self.
  3. Connection to Attachment Theory: Understand the direct link between mentalization and attachment theory, with a focus on adult attachment interviews.

Be prepared for engaging discussions on the dynamic nature of mentalization, influenced by stress, arousal, and attachment relationships, as highlighted by contemporary researchers.

Course Content

Mentalization to Enhance Your Client Work Workshop with Dr. Elvin Aydin Keles


Elvin Aydin Keles

Elvin Aydin Keles, PhD, LPC, NCC, MA, M Ed, PTSTA-P

Elvin has a theory-oriented background in Psychoanalytic Studies (MA and PhD, University of Essex, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies) alongside of her process-oriented psychotherapy training in Transactional Analysis (Metanoia Institute). Upon moving to America, Elvin also became a Licensed Professional Counselor (M Ed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of Houston-Victoria) which expanded her understanding of the profession and theoretical applications greatly. She is an international trainer and supervisor in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (PTSTA-P) and currently holds a fully online globally oriented private practice as a therapist and supervisor alongside of her role as a trainer in her own online psychotherapy training program delivered fully in Turkish. She is particularly interested in the role of mentalization when working with somatizing clients (hint: it is a big one!). Elvin spent more than 20 years in researching psychology of breast cancer patients and ran dozens of conferences, workshops, trainings, retreats, groups and individual sessions with patients and survivors on the subject. She also served on board of several international breast cancer organizations as a mental health expert and patient advocate.

Her first book on psychotherapy – “My Heart is Cross with My Tongue” (Aydin Keles, 2021) was published in Turkish which is aimed at a cultural attunement of relational psychotherapeutic concepts.

Elvin currently lives with her family in Boston and is being trained by her two adolescent children and her dog in developing better coping skills in ambivalence while her husband fully supports her in her efforts!

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