Living Spaciously, Finding Freedom: Introduction to ImageWork Workshop with Dr. Dina Glouberman

Living Spaciously, Finding Freedom: Imagery for a Renewed Relationship with Life. Script: Living at the...

Last updated 21 May 2024

Living Spaciously, Finding Freedom: Imagery for a Renewed Relationship with Life.

Script: Living at the Centre of Your Life / The Boat

At a time when there is so much uncertainty in our lives, we may wonder what is really important, what we can do without–and what it would take to live comfortably and peacefully at the centre of our lives.

It helps to begin by acknowledging all the people and things that seem so important that you believe you can’t live without them. Can you dare to imagine what it would be like to let them go and discover who you are in relation to life itself? Once we’ve done that, we are free to live at the centre of our own lives and make a new choice if we so wish. This is what this very powerful Imagework exercise is all about.

This exercise is perfect for people with a tendency to burnout, who tend to drive themselves forward on a path that is no longer right for them because their identity is tied up with the old path. More than that, it is a powerful experience for anyone who wants to find a greater wisdom and understanding of who they really are.

Imagery has been shown to be particularly powerful in

  • accessing early experiences and deep emotions,
  • bringing unconscious processes into consciousness,
  • enhancing intuition,
  • influencing not only thoughts feelings and behaviour but even the autonomic nervous system,
  • and helping people move through stuck areas of life to make possible a new beginning.

Much of what is referred to as neuroplasticity is actually the neuroplasticity of the imagination. The practice of ImageWork is so effective because it builds on this plasticity of the imagination to uncover dysfunctional brain maps, and create new ones that support positive choices and profound changes.

Indeed, any change process must involve imagery, because tapping into and transforming underlying images is always part of any fundamental change, yet the nuts and bolts of working with imagery have often been overlooked as a specific focus of training. Most practitioners would agree that the more vivid is the image or memory picture that emerges in a session, the more powerful is the potential for transformation. Yet how do you make sure that you are getting the image to work at its powerful best? This training aims to remedy this gap.

ImageWork focuses on three aspects of the imagination: the Healing Imagination, the Creative Imagination, and the Transcendent Imagination. All three will be sampled in this course.

Students will find it invaluable to accompany the course with Dina Glouberman’s comprehensive training book for practitioners, ‘ImageWork: The Complete Guide to Working with Transformational Imagery‘ (PCCS Books, 2022) All of the scripts in this book are also available as audios to download and experience in your own time at

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Living Spaciously, Finding Freedom: Introduction to ImageWork Workshop with Dr. Dina Glouberman


Dr. Dina Glouberman

Dr. Dina Glouberman is the visionary Co-Founder of Skyros Holistic Holidays on the Greek island of Skyros, and author of the classic books Life Choices, Life Changes; The Joy of Burnout; You are What You Imagine; Into the Woods and Out Again; and most recently, ImageWork: The Complete Guide to Working with Transformational Imagery. Dr Martin Rossman, leading imagery author in the USA, has said about ImageWork, “In my 50 years in the field, this is the best book I have read about working with imagery for healing, creativity and personal transformation. A landmark book—I shall be studying it.”

Dr. Glouberman is also the founder of the Aurora Centre for ImageWork in Puglia, Italy, and a course leader on the Faculty of the MA(Clinical) in Psychotherapy of the Tivoli Institute in Dublin. She is an internationally known psychotherapist, coach, consultant, and pioneering specialist in burnout and in imagery.