Launch of Tuning In: Anthology of Experiences of Multilingualism in Therapy Book Launch with Beverley Costa

Join us for the online launch of “Tuning In”. This unique anthology from The Pásalo...

Last updated 3 May 2024

Join us for the online launch of “Tuning In”. This unique anthology from The Pásalo Project illuminates the often-unexplored realm of multilingualism in psychological therapy through the power of creative writing.

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Launch of Tuning In: Anthology of Experiences of Multilingualism in Therapy Book Launch with Beverley Costa


Beverley Costa

Dr. Beverley Costa grew up in a multilingual and cross-cultural family. After qualifying as a psychotherapist, she set up Mothertongue multi-ethnic counselling service. (2000-2018) for multilingual clients.

In 2009 she created a pool of mental health interpreters, in 2010 she established the national Bilingual Therapist and Mental Health Interpreter Forum and founded The Pásalo Project in 2017 to disseminate learning from Mothertongue. In 2013, Beverley established “Colleagues Across Borders” offering support to refugee psychosocial workers and interpreters based mainly in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. She is a Senior Practitioner Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London and has written several research papers and chapters.

Together with Jean-Marc Dewaele she won the 2013 British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Equality and Diversity Research Award. Beverley has produced a play about a couple in a cross-language relationship for the Soho Theatre, London.

In 2021 she received a Paul Hamlyn Foundation grant to create a free online training course on multilingualism and mental health.

Dr. Anna Flo Arcas

Chartered Counselling Psychologist based in London, with expertise in the areas of trauma, and affective and relational difficulties. She works in different languages with adults in a specialist trauma service in the NHS and in private practice, and is a Lecturer at City, University of London.

Anna has a special interest in critical and feminist approaches to mental health; in working with different forms of expression -including the body, objects, music, art-; and in the use and meaning of language in therapy and supervision.

Dr. Katia Volodina

London based Counselling Psychologist, Integrative Psychotherapist, and a Clinical Supervisor, HCPC and BACP registered.​

She has a background in psychology, arts, and languages. Since 2000 she has worked in a variety of environments such as the health service, education, non-profit organisations, and multicultural therapy settings in both the UK and other parts of Europe.​

She works in English, Russian and Italian. She is particularly sensitive to issues such as language aspects in therapy, identity, diversity, social acceptance, belonging, life transitions, bereavement, and loss, surviving trauma, isolation and cultural adjustment.

Dr. Paula Bermudez Otero

Counselling Psychologist currently working both in English and Spanish with adults in private practice. She graduated in Spain and then moved to complete her professional doctorate in the UK.

She has worked in a variety of settings (University, NHS and third sector organisations). She is passionate about making ‘visible the invisible’, which includes language, feelings and most aspects related to mental health.

Latifa Chentouf

Pediatric and adult nurse; Clinical behavioural hypnotherapist. She has a background in Arabic and Islamic studies from SOAS, University of London.

She started her professional career in Belgium then continued working in London and Gibraltar. Her area of interest includes languages, religions, cultural diversities and unspoken issues.

Latifa is sensitive to a holistic and outside of the box thinking approach to therapy. She provides care in French, English and Arabic

Mehmet Demir

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He specialises in migration and the effects of language in the psychotherapy process. He provides therapy in Kurdish, Turkish, English, and Spanish. Currently, he works for the Refugee Asylum Seeker and Migrant Action and is an external consultant for the International Organization for Migration.

Roxana Parra Sepúlveda

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, creator and host of Mind your Mind Podcast and former Chairperson of the International Attachment Network. She is a Trauma specialist, with a career in leading and managing therapeutic services. She provides services in Spanish and English from her private practice. Roxana is keen on continuing the work to influence change towards societies and communities free from abuse.