Karin Brauner and Stephen Underwood Discuss “The Mummification Of Humanity”

In this workshop Karin and Stephen Underwood will be talking about Spiritual Intelligence: 1. What...

Last updated 10 June 2024

In this workshop Karin and Stephen Underwood will be talking about Spiritual Intelligence:

1. What is it?

2. How can we develop and explore it in our personal lives?

3. What are some of the mental health benefits of Spiritual Intelligence?

4. What are some of the ways of identifying your level of spiritual intelligence?

5. How can psychotherapists/counsellors use spiritual intelligence in their own practices?

Stephen will also discuss his own journey growing his spritual intelligence as well as guiding us in how we can use it in our modern-day to navigate the world around us; and finally, how can spiritual intelligence be used together with our emotional and social intelligence today.


Karin Brauner

Karin Brauner is a twice published author, a bilingual coach/counsellor/psychotherapist, as well as a supervisor in private practice. She trained in Guatemala and in Brighton, England. Karin has always been interested in many areas, which focus on her training as a therapist, but also her passion for writing and IT. These have led her to have a variety of services and product offerings, which she keeps adding to. These include social media marketing and content creation, as well as website support, tutoring, academic support, and other areas.

Karin is passionate about everything she does, and she enjoys seeing her colleagues and clients thrive in their work and lives. This is why she’s offering these workshops (and other courses to come in the near future). She enjoys supporting people be the best they can be, meeting them right where they are, and together figuring out what the best way forward is.

Marketing on social media became a focus of Karin’s back in 2017, when she started blogging. This propelled her practice into moving from 2-4 clients, to a full client list, followed by supervisees and now coaching clients as well. This means she can now offer the learning she’s done in the past few years, to practitioners starting their practices or thinking of growing their practices but needing the practical support to do so.

That’s what Karin offers – practical support to get you on the right track to building a successful business (whatever that means to each one of us individually).

Stephen Underwood

Stephen and Misty Underwood stand as pioneering forces in the realm of global cross-cultural intelligence leadership strategy, dedicated to guiding individuals and organizations toward success in the increasingly interconnected global marketplace. With a rich background spanning over three decades, Stephen brings unparalleled expertise in areas such as Global Leadership, Sales Leadership Training, Global Management, consulting Leadership Development, and innovative One-to-One Lifestyle Brand Marketing. Born into a diverse international setting and fluent in multiple languages, Stephen’s life experience has equipped him with a unique perspective on cross-cultural dynamics.

His mission is multifaceted: to educate, examine, equip, and empower both individuals and organizations to thrive in the global economy by fostering a deeper understanding and integration into the global cultural environment. Alongside Misty, Stephen co-leads their Washington, DC-based enterprise, specializing in global cross-cultural intelligence leadership strategies. Their work focuses on cultivating a wide range of business leadership skills, aiming to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Through the creation of Global Cross-Cultural Intelligence Business Leadership Strategic Development Mentoring Programs, Stephen is at the forefront of entrepreneurial innovation. His approach involves crafting and nurturing socio-ecosystem sustainable economies, enhanced by strategic promotional partnerships and cutting-edge internet lifestyle branding. This comprehensive strategy aims to improve the quality of life for individuals and organizations globally, guiding them toward becoming more effective global citizens and entities. In essence, Stephen and his team are dedicated to “Translating the Mindset through Creative Cross-Cultural Change,” embodying a vision that seeks to reshape and enrich the global community.