Gut Feeling or Cognitive Bias Workshop with Adam McGowan

As therapists we can hone-in on feelings and make certain judgements. We get feelings about...

Last updated 27 May 2024

As therapists we can hone-in on feelings and make certain judgements. We get feelings about certain clients that are accurate. We develop intuition and instinct which allows us to pick up and respond to things that are not said or visible. We can trust our gut. Or can we? How do we know these gut feelings aren’t just our own bias in disguise? What if other factors are impacting us and our perception of a situation? How we see the world is impacted by so many things, from the mood we are in, to the kind of day we are having. When is it all about the moment, and when is it all about us…

In this session we will be thinking about thinking, and exploring how our judgements can be affected (or even hijacked) by our own feelings and biases. Sometimes we need to think fast, use our intuition, and trust the process. Yet sometimes this fast thinking is actually unhelpful automatic responses based on our past, our environment, our current emotion or even how hungry we are. What happens if we can slow down this thinking and bring these judgements into the light of consciousness? From there we could become more reflective and able to spot old unhealthy or dysfunctional patterns of thoughts and feelings.

With most of our thinking happening automatically without our awareness we are very prone to making judgement errors without even realising. Alongside bias, this workshop will also introduce another flaw in human judgement, noise. Yes, as therapists our decisions are not only affected by our biases; we are noisy! How might we reduce our bias and the noise of our judgements? Let’s find out. We’ll consider the difference between thinking fast and slow, where gut feelings come from, and how to notice when feelings are responsive to the here-and-now, and when they are simply getting in the way of it. There will be some experiential learning to uncover some of our own cognitive biases and noise, within the therapy room and beyond.’

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Gut Feeling or Cognitive Bias Workshop with Adam McGowan


Adam McGowan

I am an integrative psychotherapist trained in both Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I work with young adults who are suffering with poor mental and emotional health, under a partnership psycho-social model, supporting them on a one-to-one basis as well as through group-work (and gardening!). I am passionate about mental health and the destigmatising of mental illness, and I am a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. I’m very interested in how the brain works, and how understanding this can positively impact mental health and our relationships (with ourselves and others). I like playing golf, and I hate playing golf.

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