Emotional Intimacy in the Therapy Room Workshop with Barbara Monk-Steel

In our society intimacy is often associated with sexuality and the value of an open...

Last updated 21 June 2024

In our society intimacy is often associated with sexuality and the value of an open warm close relationship with another person is missed.

Humans seem to long for open warm contact with each other, though they often find that their past experiences , remembered or forgotten, get in the way of fulfilling this longing.

While this connection is important and is often a reason people are dissatisfied with their life, it is not an easy achievement for many. Our experiences as we grow and develop often do not prepare us for intimacy with others, and frequently discourage it, or teach us to accept substitutes.

When we are working with people in a therapeutic relationship, their need for this kind of intimacy will often surface and their struggle for it in their day to day lives becomes part of the process.

As therapists much of our focus is on the therapeutic relationship and the need to create an intimate non sexual relationship is fundamental to our clients well being.

How do we do this, without bringing our own unprocessed wounds that might hurt the client and our need for intimacy into the relationship? How do we model being intimate and invite our clients into healthy intimacy? How do we help the client to safely find intimacy in their relationships outside of therapy?

We will explore these issues accounting a range of therapeutic approaches

Learning Objectives:

  • Will be able to explore an understanding of closeness and intimacy and it’s importance for wellbeing
  • Will be able to recognise and respond to a range of barriers to intimacy and why these are there.
  • Will be able to experiment with deepening intimacy in a safe and respectful way for both the therapist and the client

Who is this Workshop appropriate for

  • anyone working therapeutically with clients

How may this workshop impact your practice

  • Have awareness of how to deepen intimacy for therapeutic effectiveness if they choose to do so.

Course Content

Emotional Intimacy in the Therapy Room Workshop with Barbara Monk-Steel


Barbara Monk-Steel

I live and work in Leicester and online. I have been working in mental health for 40 years, first as a mental health nurse and then as a lecturer, counsellor, psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor.

I have always experienced the person to person relationship as central to working with any person, either by supporting and helping another with their mental health and as a teacher, and supervisor.

I am a TSTA (P) but also have an understanding and experience of a range of models of mental health and therapeutic approaches. I believe these are needed as we humans are complex and no model contains all that is needed. TA has always been to me a framework that can hold the different ways of working needed to match the unique experience and changing needs of people as they grow and develop.

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