Embodiment Practices for Anxiety and Trauma Recovery workshop with Kate Williams

Workshop Details  In this 2-workshop you’ll learn a range of safe embodiment practices to bring...

Last updated 3 May 2024

Workshop Details 

In this 2-workshop you’ll learn a range of safe embodiment practices to bring your client’s body back into the window of tolerance to support connection, grounding and relationship. Trauma disconnects us from our body, it severs the link between mind and body, body and soul. It prevents us from being in the flow of life, being curious and being mindful. You’ll will learn simple exercises that you can share with your clients for self soothing and regulation.

This workshop will take you on a journey through vagus nerve where Kate will share with you a range of somatic resources that are safe and simple to do that will regulate the nervous system, deescalate arousal and sooth emotions. These somatic exercises support phase 1 of trauma treatment which focuses on safety and stabilisation.

You’ll also learn how psychological and emotional patterns become ingrained in the body, shaping the body in such a way that perpetuates these patterns. You’ll learn simple and accessible tools to support integration and release.

Most of these exercises are carried out seated but with some you’ll be invited to stand (and variations will be given for those you prefer or need to sit)


Kate Williams

Kate Williams has been in therapeutic practice since 2009 with a background in counselling in further education. She currently runs a busy private practice, works with NHS clients and enjoys running workshops for onlinevents and staff wellbeing workshops for NHS Hull & Humberside.

Kate is centre manager for the Bedfordshire Centre for Therapeutic Studies where she teaches on the CPCAB L5 in Somatic Trauma Therapy course & L2 Award in Breathwork Coaching as well as the Level 4 in Therapeutic Counselling.

Kate has a passion for bringing the body into her practice supporting clients to release the trauma that is held within their bodies. Kate is know for her relaxed teaching style, experiential somatic practices and skill of bringing theory to life and making it applicable.