Digital Life Online: Is this Really the Cause of Mental Health Decline Workshop with Cath Knibbs

Cath will guide attendees with a Q&A style workshop. Attendees can be parents, carers, teachers...

Last updated 10 July 2024

Cath will guide attendees with a Q&A style workshop. Attendees can be parents, carers, teachers as well as therapists, or adults working with children. Her expertise will be given through over 30 years in tech and 14 years of working in this space with clients and the system around the child. Evidence is taken from authoring 6 books (5 with Routledge) and a new book to be announced soon, alongside peer reviewed research, a TEDx talk and many speaking events with large tech organsistions.

Cath will chat with John to discover what you can do as a parent, therapist or adult working with children to help you understand the digital domain, the cybertrauma and online harms and the positives of technology that spans over a decade of chatting with Onlinevents!

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event:

  • How to manage social media and gaming habits of children (and themselves)

Who is This Workshop Appropriate For?

  • anyone who wants to understand the work of gaming and social media of children and adolescents

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • Tools for safeguarding and being able to converse about the tech spaces


Catherine Knibbs

Human Behaviour Technologist. Psychotherapist and Researcher

Cath is a Clinical Doctoral Researcher, Online Harms and Cybertrauma Consultant, Public Speaker, Author of 6 books (5 to date with Routledge), an Educator and TEDx Speaker. She is a Child/Adult Trauma Psychotherapist in private practice. She works with global and national organisations regarding child sexual abuse material and how to prevent cybertrauma burnout in those roles. She works with global organisations consulting on Mental health and Immersive Technologies (MHVR) and the harms that can occur in the new digital spaces (XRSI). She writes about and works with Cybertrauma, which is any trauma that occurs through an internet-ready device or medium. She also educates therapists and practitioners via her company name Privacy4 about Data protection/privacy/cybersecurity issues in relation to their practice. She disrupts and advocates for children’s rights, privacy, and online digital explorations. Catherine is also the mental health advisor for Gamers Beat Cancer charity.

She uses gaming in therapeutic situations, coaching, trauma psychotherapy and for getting the best from yourself. She has been using biofeedback/tech and gaming to elicit Post Traumatic Growth, healing and flow for over a decade.

Her books include Cybertrauma: the Darker side of the Internet; Children, Technology and Healthy Development, Children and Sexual-Based Online Harms, Cybertrauma and Online Harms, and Data Protection and Cybersecurity for Practitioners and the newest one forms part of the BPS Ask the expert series.