Cultivating Happiness Workshop with Dr. Rachel Hopping

Over recent years, I have developed both a personal and professional awareness of our tendency...

Last updated 23 July 2024

Over recent years, I have developed both a personal and professional awareness of our tendency to focus on problems, negative experiences and our sense of what is lacking in our lives. Now, more than ever we need to make some much needed time and space for happiness! Using the latest developments from global happiness research, neuroscience and positive psychology, Rachel aims to provide an account of happiness, the barriers we face to experiencing it and the ways that we can develop more happiness in our lives. The session will end with Rachel sharing some simple happiness practices that can easily be incorporated into your daily life and professional practice, helping you and your clients to both notice and cultivate the experience of happiness more deeply into your sense of being.

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Cultivating Happiness Workshop with Dr. Rachel Hopping


Dr. Rachel Hopping

Dr. Rachel Hopping is one of the Partners of The Link Centre, a Counselling and Psychotherapy training centre based in Sussex and Online. Rachel is a Counselling Psychologist and UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and has worked with a wide range of clients both within the NHS and in private practice.

Rachel utilises an Integrative Relational model of psychotherapy, which centralises early relational experience upon the development of the self and later pathology. She incorporates these perspectives into both her practice and teaching, placing the quality of relating between therapist and client as the primary factor for growth and change.

The Link Centre

This workshop in a collaboration between the Link Centre and Onlinevents

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