AUTISTIC is… Anxious: Module 1 Workshop with Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft

Join us for an enlightening workshop, “AUTISTIC is… Anxious,” part of the comprehensive AUTISTIC syllabus....

Last updated 29 May 2024

Join us for an enlightening workshop, “AUTISTIC is… Anxious,” part of the comprehensive AUTISTIC syllabus. This session is dedicated to exploring anxiety in the Neurodivergent mind, under the expert guidance of Dr. Liliya T. Bakiyeva Wheatcraft. Dr. Wheatcraft brings a unique blend of clinical, academic, and personal experience as an autistic physician with ADHD, offering an evidence-based and empathetic approach to understanding Neurodivergence.

Workshop Highlights:

1.) Exploration of the Top Three Drivers of Autistic Anxiety:

  • Intolerance of Uncertainty
  • Interoceptive Sensibility
  • Weak Central Coherence

2.) Exploration of the Top Three Drivers of Autistic Anxiety: Discover tailored techniques for mitigating anxiety and preventing its escalation, focusing on the specific needs of Neurodivergent individuals.

3.) Insights into Natural Coping Mechanisms: Delve into the common coping strategies utilized by autistic individuals, such as rigid routines, rituals, sensory stimulation, and more.

What You Will Gain:

  • Deep Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of anxiety in neurodivergent minds, and how these differ from those in neurotypical individuals.
  • Practical Skills: Acquire practical strategies and skills to better support neurodivergent individuals in managing anxiety effectively.
  • Empathy and Insight: Develop a deeper empathy for and insight into neurodiversity, fostering a supportive and understanding environment for all.

Who Should Attend:

We warmly invite both autistic and neurotypical individuals to this workshop, specifically targeting healthcare professionals, educators, parents, and practitioners with personal experiences of neurodivergence. This session is crafted to be enriching for anyone eager to deepen their understanding of neurodivergence and to enhance their support for neurodivergent individuals across various contexts—be it within professional roles, familial relationships, or educational environments. Join us to expand your knowledge and skills, and to foster a more inclusive and supportive approach to managing anxiety in neurodivergent minds.

AUTISTIC: Understanding Neurodivergent Mind From First Principles – Workshop Series with Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft

AUTISTIC is a Unique Learning Framework , combining Evidence-Based Neuroscience and Authentic lived AuDHD experience of Dr Liliya: an Autistic Psychiatrist with ADHD. She builds on her wealth of ND experience as a neurodivergent woman who dedicated years nurturing the skills of diagnosing and taking care of ND individuals, enriched by the experience of raising two ND children in a neurodivergent marriage.

You can learn more about the AUTISTIC here

The 10 weekly sessions include the Introductory Session, eight sessions for eight modules, and the final session to conclude the course,: final overview, Q&As (students are encouraged to bring their own scenarios/examples that will be reviewed and presented from the AUTISTIC perspective.

N.BAUTISTIC Framework is built on the principles of adult learning theory (andragogy); each module is self-contained, but all modules are interconnected, each re-enforcing the learning objectives of other modules, throughout the course. We strongly recommend that you participate in all 8 main workshops of the course (that is, Workshops #2 through #9) to fully benefit from the offered programme.

BONUS 1! Attendees will have first right of refusal for enrolling in the intensive online course (launching in Q4 2024). See the details below*.

BONUS 2! Proof of attendance (i.e., tickets) at this workshop series will be accepted in lieu of part-payment (5-40% off the launch price) for the intensive online course (launching in Q4 2024)*.

*The intensive course will be also based on the AUTISTIC Framework, but will emphasise the practical aspect, using Problem – Based Learning (PBL – another common tool in andragogy). The course will be presented using an optimal combination of asynchronous study (microlearning exercises and virtual discussion boardand virtual small group tutorials, led by Dr Liliya.

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AUTISTIC is... Anxious: Module 1 Workshop with Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft


Dr Liliya T Bakiyeva Wheatcraft

In her early 40s, Dr Wheatcraft has an impressive portfolio with dual expertise in autism & ADHD specifically, as a full Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists AND an adult diagnosed with autism & ADHD in her 4th decade.