Are We Really Person-Centred? – Chris Molyneux

This discussion was a follow up to my article “Are we really Person-centred? You can’t...

Last updated 15 July 2024

This discussion was a follow up to my article “Are we really Person-centred? You can’t be a vegetarian and eat meat!”

I hoped that the discussion would look at what it means to be a person-centred practitioner, inside and outside of the counselling room, and whether or not we can integrate different approaches to a person-centred way of working without doing a disservice to the approach.

There are currently a large percentage of practitioners assigning themselves as person-centred alongside other approaches and working in what may be described as an integrative way of working.

In my article in Therapy today, I called in to question this approach to working and highlight what seems to be a growing misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the person-centred approach.

I also argued for a re-examination of why we practice the approaches that we do and how we can often use our belief in human nature to shape our practice but also highlight possible mismatches in our ways of working.

Above all, I would love to just be able to discuss this issue to help learning and understanding for myself and others – I am open to have my ideas turned on their head!

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Are We Really Person-Centred? – Chris Molyneux


Chris Molyneux

I have been qualified as a Person-Centred Counsellor and Supervisor for over 10 years and currently work in private practice and have also opened a Person-centred Training centre (Haulm – www.haulm.co.uk) in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex.

I have an experience in a number of different areas and settings, as well as clients. You can learn more about me, as well as seeing other publications on my website (www.chrismolyneux.co.uk).

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