Pluralism, Potency, Pandemic and Pandemonium Workshop with Andy Williams

The Covid-19 Pandemic has confronted us as practitioners as well as our clients – perhaps...

Last updated 12 June 2024

The Covid-19 Pandemic has confronted us as practitioners as well as our clients – perhaps inviting us into new and diverse ways of practicing. And what of the future?


Andy Williams

I’m a Certified Transactional Analyst and am the Clinical Director of The Horsforth Centre for Psychotherapy in Leeds. As well as my passion for Transactional Analysis, I have trained in the Relational Approach for Counselling as well as being an accredited CBT Psychotherapist.

I supervise practitioners both in private practice and in their role as primary healthcare therapists, and offer training in counselling and psychotherapy.

The Link Centre

This workshop in a collaboration between the Link Centre and Onlinevents

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